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If you’re a nature lover and planning on getting married, try exploring the options for outdoor weddings in the Chicago suburbs. This provides an opportunity for you to create a unique experience for you and your guests. While there are a few concerns in planning an outdoor event, these tips can help you get started.

Create a Backup Plan

The first thing to consider when you plan for outdoor weddings in Chicago suburbs is what you’ll do if the weather turns on you. While you can check the weather up to two weeks in advance, you’ll need to start planning your wedding much sooner than that. If your outdoor venue is near a hotel, country club, or church, make sure you can use their indoor accommodations in an emergency.

Make Sure Everyone Will Be Comfortable

Consider the time of year in planning your wedding. If you’ll be getting married in the summer months, choose wedding party attire that’s light and breezy. For your guests, it can be helpful to rent large industrial fans, which you can face towards the seating area. Additionally, print your wedding program on paper fans to give your guests a way to keep cool throughout the event.

Don’t Forget the Sound System

A common challenge faced when hosting outdoor weddings in Chicago suburbs is making sure all of your guests can hear your vows. Strong winds, traffic, children at play, and other factors can create a symphony of noise with which you’ll have to compete. The best solution is to rent a sound system and use small, clip-on mics that you and your future spouse can wear. This will ensure everyone can hear you and enjoy the blessed event.

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