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A lot of details go into the planning for a Lake Geneva wedding. That’s true even if the idea is to plan an event that includes a limited number of guests and a simple ceremony. Here are a few tips that will come in handy no matter what sort of wedding you have in mind.

One of the first points to consider is the number of guests you plan on inviting. Assume that every person on your list will be coming. If any of them are single, also assume that they will bring someone with them. This will provide you with the maximum head count for the event.

Using that figure as a basis, begin looking for the ideal venue. The goal is to ensure there is enough space for everyone to park reasonably close, and that you have room to set up seating for the ceremony. You also want to ensure that any area used for the reception will accommodate everyone without them feeling overcrowded.

Do consider if you want one or both parts of the event to take place outside. Depending on the weather predictions, you may find that a ceremony under the trees coupled with an outdoor reception with some sort of covered area for dining would be ideal. Even so, so make sure that the outside activities can be moved indoors if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

The idea is to make sure the Lake Geneva wedding is something that the happy couple will remember fondly for a long time. Plan carefully, and the odds of the day being special for everyone involved will be greater.

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