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Arcade video games have been around since the early seventies. Starting as simple mode of entertainment, the gaming world gradually metamorphosed into a multi-billion dollar industry. Video games have since then been a part of every kid’s childhood. Even adults often enjoy it and obsess over it.

Types of Games
There are various types of video games which have been developed, designed and played. They aim at people of varying age groups and different interests. Some of the types of games which are available in the market are:

  1. First person shooting: Where the player can see and control the characters arms, aim and movement acting in first person.
  2. Third person shooting: In this type you can see the entire character and move him around and control his actions.
  3. Strategy games: These types of games usually include controlling many characters at once and planning out the game process.
  4. Multi player games: These games can be in any of the previous three types, but can be played by many players together in a virtual environment through the Internet or through LAN.
  5. Role playing games: These are games in which many players play over the Internet and choose a character to play.
  6. Sports video games: These video games can again be of any of the first three types, but include some sport. This sport can be anything from rifle shooting to golf or football to baseball.
  7. Car racing games: These video games include various vehicle which you can select and either indulge in racing or simple cruise through the virtually created cities on your computer or gaming console.

This is not an exhaustive list, since video gaming has become a very wide field and new kinds of games are being developed every day. Video games are fun to play with whether you are alone or with friends or family.

With advancements in technology these video games have become increasingly realistic and interactive.

Video Games

Video Games

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