Explore a Career in Ceramics

A career in ceramics gives you the foundation to build your own pottery or arts business, become a ceramics teacher or work in a place that creates ceramic art. In our ceramic school, we offer the education that you need in order to make your career dreams become a reality. Our program allows you to learn about the art and science of everything related to ceramics.

The use of clay to create artistic and functional pieces has been around for millennia. Today’s ceramic artists use a combination of state-of-the-art techniques as well as time-tested processes to create lasting pieces of functional art. Whether you want to have your own gallery, teach ceramics in a community center or do something else with a career in ceramics, we are here to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

The faculty in our ceramics program is world-class. They teach you the science of clay, glazes, firing, structural techniques, shaping and more. Every day, you get hands-on practice in the studio so that you can put what you learn in the classroom to use.

While you are a student, you will also have access to artists in the community. They come to our facility to teach workshops and highlight how their education has advanced their careers. You may be able to participate in additional learning experiences such as internships and study abroad opportunities to learn about ceramics around the world.

When you are considering a career in ceramics, apply to our ceramic school at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. We look forward to helping you prepare for a career as a potter, ceramics painter or teacher. Contact us by phone or visit us online at SAIC.edu to learn more about the courses, faculty and experiences in this creative arts program.

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