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A wedding reception is your chance to show your truly fun and creative colors as your wedding guests are entertained and surprised for hours to come. Here are a few great tips for organizing an unforgettable wedding reception.

Up Your Transportation Game

Want to know how most people travel to wedding receptions? If you guessed “by car,” you’d be correct. However, if you can throw in an unexpected mode of transportation, your reception will be the talk of your friends for years. You may choose to have boats transport your guests from the wedding site to your Lake Geneva wedding reception venue. Perhaps you could have some hot air balloons sweep your guests off their feet to the magical evening awaiting them. Dream big, and you’ll be amazed at what options you can come up with.

Think of the Children

Providing toys and games for the kids who attend your wedding may not make your reception stand out for everyone; however, for the parents who are working hard to keep their children entertained, your reception will never be topped. Provide a variety of toys, games, books, and art supplies to ensure the kids (and the kids at heart) don’t get bored during any breaks in the action. To help with cleanup, you can let the children take home all the toys and other items at the end of the evening.

Share the Connection

All of the guests at your wedding have at least one thing in common: they know either the bride, the groom, or both of you. However, many of your guests may have other things in common and not even know it. To bring these connections to light, then, you can set up a display that shows how each of your guests is connected, which is sure to spark some great conversations. It will help any of the Lake Geneva wedding reception venues that you choose to feel like one small world.

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