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Whether you live in Chicago or hours away, you can have your wedding reception at Carriage Greens Country Club. Carriage Greens Country Club has endless achers or beautiful green land, so this is ideal for large wedding parties who want to take lots of pictures. The grass is tended to every day, especially on a wedding day. Moreover, when you choose Carriage Greens Country Club, you are having your wedding reception in Logan Square it is only a stroll away.

They are large ballrooms within the facility, and the wedding party will be part of the decorating and making sure everything runs smoothly. The wedding party will also make all the decisions from the five-course meal that is served to what types of beer and alcohol should be served during the wedding. The ballrooms come fully decorated for the wedding, and they also come with large dance floors, too.

Since the country club wants every wedding reception in Logan Square to be a memorable one, couples having their wedding at Carriage Greens Country Club do not need to be members of the country club. In fact, non-members receive the same discounted rates as members. All of the weddings are also all-inclusive, so couples do not need to worry about receiving a surprise bill in the mail. All weddings come with an open bar that lasts approximately six hours. If you have been planning your wedding for a while or you and your spouse want to get married spontaneously, you can contact Carriage Greens Country Club today by visiting them online.

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