How to Find the Perfect Fontana Venue for a Wedding or Any Large Event in Wisconsin

If you are searching for that perfect destination to have your wedding, or perhaps to throw a reunion bash, you should consider using your local golf course. You might not know this, but your local golf course has a whole suite of amenities that are specifically designed to tailor to the needs of large groups. Whether you are throwing a corporate retreat, or a bachelor party, a Lake Geneva, WI, golf club has the features you need to make your event a success.

Get More From Your Golf Course

Golf courses are so much more than just beautiful patches of grass and natural scenery. They also frequently have entire clubhouses devoted to servicing each golfer’s every need. Whether you want to sit down at a nice restaurant and have some sophisticated cocktails, or just want to go swimming in a pool, your local golf course can make your dreams come true.

Plus, they also offer an assortment of exclusive services that make it very easy to throw a big party. Some of the biggest challenges of throwing a big party are those associated with food. It can be extremely time-consuming and very difficult to prepare large volumes of food for a lot of people. A golf course that provides its guests with access to a vast banquet hall and gourmet foods prepared by acclaimed chefs can easily handle such demands though.

An Open Bar Spells Success

A Lake Geneva WI golf course can also provide you with unique services that will make your event that much more enjoyable. For instance, if you wish to have an open bar at your event, your local clubhouse can make that happen for you. These businesses charge their customers a very reasonable rate per person so that you may freely distribute cocktails and delicious foods throughout your event.

If this all sounds perfect for your next big day, then you should consider contacting the Abbey Springs Country Club in Lake Geneva and Fontana, WI, by visiting
our website.

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