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If writers weave their wand and create magic out of words, photographers create magic out of images using a different wand. Both, writing and photography, tell stories, one through thoughts and a pen, the other through a camera and his object.

Frame them

Photography is a vast world and can be viewed as an art form and taken up professionally or just pursued as a hobby. In fact, photography can be taken up by anyone, young or old; by a father who wishes to capture every second of his child’s life in his camera; by a mother who never forgets to miss out on capturing her child’s skill on a sports ground; by a girl who loves capturing everything around her as she bikes onto her nature trails. After all, photography is all about framing memories.

What is freelance photography?

Wondering how you can turn this hobby into a lucrative money-making option? Opt for freelance photography. In freelance photography you work solely for yourself, selling a photo or a series of photos to different franchises. As a freelancer you work on different projects, mostly for magazines and make money doing something you love. Also, this may just propel you into thinking of photography as a full-time career altogether.

Create your portfolio

To begin work as a freelancer, it necessary to have portfolio of one’s work. Even though your photos may not have been published anywhere, it necessary to create a portfolio of your best work till date and add on to it by participating in photography contests.

How to get a job?

In order to get a job and to be paid for the photos you click, the first step is to make your portfolio ready. This will help sell you as a photographer in different magazines and newspaper houses and help you get paid. But eventually it is the quality of the photograph that shall determine your pay. Some are naturals at photography, others pick it up as a skill. There are also schools dedicated wholly to learning the art of photography. Earn a degree and directly begin work as a photographer.

One’s career need not always be academically inclined. A hobby can make for a great career and photography may just be yours.



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