Planning Your Berwyn Wedding Reception Is More Than a Piece of Cake

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You’ve set the date, and it’s time to plan your wedding reception. While the ceremony’s focus is on you and your partner, the reception is a chance to show your appreciation for your guests. Here are a few tips for memorable Berwyn wedding receptions.

Size Up the Venue
Compare your guest list with the venue space. Is there enough room for your guests, along with tables, chairs, servers, a dance floor and anything else you’ll need for your wedding reception? Ask to see photos of other receptions held at the venue to help you visualize more than an empty room.

Amuse the Children
Remember child-friendly menu selections if you decide to invite young guests and head off boredom with tables filled with coloring books, crayons, goodie bags, and games. If your budget allows, consider hiring someone to mind the children. Plan an adults-only ending to your reception by letting parents know there’s a curfew for children.

Create a Timeline
Set a schedule to create the perfect finish for your big day. A traditional timeline may include a cocktail hour, grand entrance, first dance, and dinner as well as toasts and cutting the cake. Don’t forget to plan time for farewells before your honeymoon getaway.

Find More Details Online
Spacious ballrooms, professional service, and photo opportunities on beautiful fairways are a few of the options available for Berwyn wedding receptions at Carriage Greens Country Club.

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