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Your reasons for wanting a career in sound design may be endless, such as you want something that’s fun or you’re passionate about music and sounds. If you’ve already decided this is what you want to do with your life, you may find it impossible to jump right in. Most people need to go to school to learn the finer points so that they can keep up with competition, such as others who have Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees.

Best Equipment

While you learn, it is essential that you have the best tools to help you. Therefore, the school you select should have the most technologically-advanced audio equipment. However, even if they only had adequate equipment, you’ll still learn a lot, and it may help you work in the real world. Sound design is primarily a hands-on education, though you’ll still learn theory and more. Therefore, you may also want to consider the class size to see how much time you’ll get with the equipment.

Learn Many Skills

You’ll find a wide variety of courses from which to choose, such as music production, advertising, film sounds, and more. Plus, if you choose the right university, you’ll also learn about sounds from an art standpoint, furthering your education and passion for the arts, as well as opening new doors full of opportunity.

Firm Foundation

Even if you have no previous knowledge about audio, you’ll learn the basics, which puts you on firm ground. From there, you’ll delve deeper, ensuring that you learn enough to put you ahead of your competition, such as other soon-to-graduate individuals.

Sound design is an innovative and exciting career path for those who enjoy audiovisual. Visit the School of the Art Institute of Chicago at to apply today.

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