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Whether this is your company’s first trade show or its umpteenth, it is important you get it right. When it comes to making a strong impression, wowing the competition and potential clients alike, the best statement is made through having the right booth and display. Achieving this becomes easier if you make the decision to let the professionals have their say. In the cut-throat world of business, custom trade show exhibits create a strong visual presence.

A Picture is Worth a Hundred Words

Attending a trade show is both exciting and stressful. Your company is on display for all to see. You want to make it memorable. You want everyone to be talking about it for all the right reasons.

To accomplish this, you need to create the perfect picture. You need to have someone who can design the ideal setting to show off your company, its product(s) and talent. Custom show exhibits are created to do this. It will take and even create a display within the right context. The company will utilize all the elements at their command to produce a display unit that acts as a means of branding your name in the public’s mind.

Elements of Custom Trade Show Exhibits

When it comes to creating your trade show display, it is essential you bring together the various elements necessary to showcase your company and its work. The process involves putting together your ideas with those of the trade show display provider. It also means you need to be sure they are aware of the specific elements you need to include. Among the most common props and/or design elements used to highlight, emphasize and clearly distinguish your company from others is:

1. Walls – type, shape, color, design

2. Flooring – carpet, wood, bamboo, mats, tile

3. Lighting – spots for displays and to showcase items, diffusive or centralized

4. Furniture – whatever may set off this booth from the others while being in character

5. Graphics – important in attracting attention to messages, logos, and other important aspects of the company

Mission Accomplished

While setting up your own booth and/or display is always a frugal possibility, this may not be enough to catapult you into the spotlight at an exhibit. Custom trade show exhibits, on the other hand, easily create a buzz. Their attention to detail combines with your needs to produce exactly what your company needs – a vibrant, exciting and memorable display no one is going to overlook.

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