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When people think of art combining with spirituality an image of angels, maybe the works at the Sistine Chapel, will often pop into their minds. But the truth is many artists will use their spirituality to help them express every day ideas and feelings. An example of this is the work of artist Nicole Alger.

Nicole Alger is a Contemporary Landscape Painter and while neither the word “contemporary” nor “landscape” may seem to be of a spiritual realm, the way Ms. Alger becomes inspired is. With her openness towards many types of spiritual beliefs as well as an awareness of Greek mythology she uses the colors integral to these teachings to help create her works.

Rather than the usual means of defining shadows and shapes with light, colors are instead employed to bring about the desired mood. Despite her training as a realist painter, she has been inspired to now create works that draw from the past masters of multiple eras to create stunning pieces of contemporary realism with a defined feel that belongs solely to her.

As a Contemporary Landscape Painter Nicole Alger portfolio does include the expected choices of beautiful rural views and subjects. But alongside these are works that expose the man-made beauty of architecture as it blends together with the natural world.

Her talent shines through most brightly in her modern approach to mythology, which definitely leans towards the appreciation of the feminine effect on the spiritual world. Her still life and portraits capture the subjects exquisitely in her typical bold colored style. While her drawings, stark in their penciled forms, create a sort of quiet mellowness less obvious in the rest of her portfolio. The subjects may smile or seem serene, but the eyes often reveal a subtle weariness.

While it is expected the artist will pursue her exploration of the world both inside herself and out, her work as a Contemporary Landscape Painter will continue to draw attention. It provides the opportunity for many to experience the world through the eyes of a modern woman. At its essences it is what all women are today; bold yet subdued, fragile yet strong.


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