The celebrities who love their pooches

Most celebrities want to make style statements and be trend-setters. The ordinary people see these celebrities sporting private jets, expensive cars and mansions, designer clothing and many other accessories. This list can be absolutely endless. But, now-a-days having pet dogs have become a growing trend among these glamorous people.

Here too, they want to compete. It is seen that having an expensive breed scores higher on the fashion scale as compared to those who have lower priced ones. This does not go on to say that all celebrities who own dogs as pets do it to make fashion statements. Many of them are true animal lovers and have dogs as their constant companions.

The best thing about having a pet dog is that they love you unconditionally and endlessly. So, they can really be a man’s best friend. Oprah Winfrey is one such ardent animal lover. She has spent over thirty million on caring and catering for her dogs. She completely adores her golden retrievers and cocker spaniels and showers them with her affection.

Drew Barry more has three canines whom she calls Flossie, Templeton and Vivian. Many are not aware that she picked Flossie and Vivian from a flea market. They have saved Drew’s life in a fire accident back in 2001. Also, actor Will Smith has four Rottweilers who are absolutely well trained.
Many self confessed dog loving celebrities are zealous animal rights activists. Stunning actress Charlize Theron is a PETA supporter. She owns three dogs of mixed breed. Alicia Silverstone not only has five dogs in her home but also has an animal shelter that takes in unwanted pets and strays. This shelter is a part of her estate.

Shania Twain has modified her tour bus and made a special door for her German shepherd Tim whom she loves dearly. So, pooches are not just to make fashion statements but to be loved.

Celebrities Love Pooches

Celebrities Love Pooches

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