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Trade shows can offer a number of opportunities for your business. You can reach an audience larger than you ever imagined and pick and choose the shows in which you wish to participate. As long as you are committed to putting your best foot forward trade shows can be one of the most productive methods of creating lead generations. If you are sitting on the fence on whether or not you should begin going on the trade show circuit here are some pros and cons for you to consider.


First let’s take a look at the many pros of participating in trade shows:

  • There is no doubt when you are at a trade show you will be reaching your target audience. People attending trade shows are there generally for two reasons: They want to learn or they want to buy.

  • Plenty of sales lead generation opportunities with the right approach in place.

  • You will have an opportunity to check out your competition which will help you provide valuable information to your sales and marketing team.

  • It is a good opportunity to try out your new marketing materials such as a new website or to launch a new App.

  • It is an excellent place to launch a new product.

  • You can start off by renting trade show exhibit displays and then once you decide it is worth your while invest in customized trade show exhibit displays.

  • You can save money and only participate in local trade shows and then decide to travel if it seems worth the ROI.


On the flipside there are a number of cons that keep many companies from participating in trade shows:

  • You will only be as good as who is manning the booth so you will have to invest some time and money in training and preparing your staff.

  • There are associated fees with travel.

  • You will need a good booth as most participants will have professional trade show exhibit displays.

  • There will be plenty of competition all in one room.

Just remember your competition will be there and could miss out on your share of the pie.

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