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Chicago has a lot going on but there is only one theatre in Chicago that everyone around the globe is at least a little familiar with.  This theatre got its start in 1959 and quickly became one of the most popular hang outs for people living in the windy city because the entertainment was exceptional. Today the entertainment is still pretty exceptional.

It’s About the Experience

When you go to the theatre you want the full package. You want a complete experience. You want a great atmosphere, a little history is nice and when you say “oh I went there” you want people to know what you are talking about. Sure it’s fine to go to any old theatre to see a show when you are just looking for something to do but when you want an experience to remember you have to choose a theatre that is made just for that purpose.

Local or Passing Through

Whether you live full time in Illinois and are just coming into the city for the purpose of catching a show or you are passing through and you want to do something you will always remember there is only one theatre that can really cut the muster.

If you want to make a special occasion an unforgettable occasion or you just want to make your trip to the city worth the trip, don’t settle for less than a full on memorable night.

The Second City is the place you go when you want a complete experience. It is the name that everyone recognizes because of the long history of providing excellent entertainment not to mention that is has been turning out stars like the Milky Way for over 50 years! Go buy the tickets, you deserve a night to remember! For detailed information please visit The Second City and also follow us on Instagram.

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