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Are you keen on becoming a DJ? If your answer is in the affirmative you should read every word of this article because this information could mean the real difference between good results and failing. Listed below are three points that all DJs ought to know to really make it.

Learn how to mix – This is a crucial skill since it will not only help you to add spice to your sets but will even produce continuity that audiences really enjoy. Learning is not difficult once you have a set of decks; the fact is you can also learn on your own by watching videos online.

Purchase premium quality equipment – As technological innovation progresses there are 3 basic systems that DJs might use to operate with. They are Vinyl (traditional records), compact discs and even digital. No matter what option you choose to buy use the perfect tools in that arena. For instance, you can use Pioneer decks to play both CD’s and MP3’s. This increases your trustworthiness among your peers; anyways the cheap equipment will crash easily and will lack the features that can turn a good set into an excellent one.

Understand your music – You will find a huge difference between loving music and knowing it. Through knowing your music you can work out higher standard playlists and also be prepared for any scenario. So if you like dance music ensure that you find time to carefully listen in depth to all tracks in your collection. Get acquainted with the BPM (beats per minute) of every track and where the mix points activate. You can group your music by genre and also into small pre-set mix groups. This is how you can find quite a few tracks which mix rather well together.

All DJs will be greatly helped if they put into practice the following points.



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