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So, if you’re looking for someplace new to eat out, you don’t want to go to the same Westgate Glendale restaurant every weekend. When you want a unique experience, consider heading to a first class bar instead that includes both incredible entertainment and an amazing meal.

You’ll be able to enjoy live entertainment and the energy that comes with a place that is hopping. Choose dishes on a menu that offers you a variety you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Expect an extensive list of drink options, too. Best of all, choose a restaurant where you can relax after you’ve put in long hours at work.

Chill in a Casual Venue
When you want a Westgate Glendale restaurant that isn’t fancy and includes a first-rate bar that can fit the bill, where do you go? You will discover a completely different dining experience with this type of setting. When you have quality entertainment, you won’t want to leave after your dinner.

Spend your evening in good company with friends and family. Find musicians that will keep you coming back for more. Eat, drink, and be merry with your special someone or a group of friends. You’ll have a new place that will give you an unforgettable dining experience each and every time.

Find Out Why Everyone is Talking About One of Glendale’s Favorite Bars

Try Low Key Piano Bar for your next visit to a Westgate Glendale Restaurant. Find out why everyone is buzzing about the dueling pianos and how Low Key Piano Bar is becoming the hottest attraction in town. Listen to first rate performers while you enjoy excellent cuisine and drinks that will put your favorite bar to shame.

Make it your destination when you are looking for more than a meal. Plan on spending your evening in a relaxing atmosphere where everyone can be casual and have an incredible time. It’s a place to laugh, smile, and sing along. Go to to see what this bar is all about. It can be your next private party venue as well. If you want something different, try Low Key Piano Bar.

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