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Wedding Trends to Watch for in the New Year

Finding a wedding venue in Bridgeview has been many girls’ dream since they were kids. Nevertheless, venues have become widely available, enabling these dreams to come true. Your wedding day can be thrown where you want, and it will be stylish, glamorous, and bold. Plus, you do not have to worry when you know the wedding trends to watch for in the New Year.

Floral Arrangements

This year’s flowers will be filled with fruits, sending many onlookers into shock. However, these fruit-filled arrangments lend themselves to a fresh, time-tested look. In addition to these fruity undertones, experts predict dried flowers will be popular. Dried arrangments often add a sculptural component, increasing the overall aesthetic.

Blouse-Sleeved White Gowns

Even though many think these sleeves are retro, they will make a strong comeback. You can anticipate seeing them, adding a soft and bridal touch to the dresses. Moreover, wedding planners report oversized bows will be donned, beautifying the backs. Likewise, these detachable bows will bring versatility to previously worn dresses.

Bridesmaids Dresses

Nowadays, things were shifting away from the multiple fabric swatches popular years ago. Instead of multi-colored materials, many bridesmaids are wearing a uniform style today. Fortunately, many dress-makers are utilizing velvet fabrics when constructing new clothes. Velvety dresses will be worn all around the country this year. Similarly, the neutral palettes are becoming more accepted, making it easy to blend in.

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