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Deciding what you are going to study in college is one of the biggest decisions you might have to make. There are so many different fields of study out there that can set the course for the beginning of your career. If you are artistically inclined, you might be considering a fine art degree. There are lots of colleges across the country that have great programs for you to consider. To make your decision and path clearer, it’s good for you to have an idea what you can do after you graduate.

Different Degree Tracks

There are different degree programs and degree tracks if you are someone who wants to get into the art world. Some of the areas of art you could be interested in are visual arts and performing arts. You can do any of painting, sculpture, film, photography, and illustration just to name a few disciplines.

If you aren’t completely sure what you want to do, make use of as many opportunities as you can to get exposure to different areas of art. You can take different classes, talk to students in other fields, and look for part-time volunteering and work opportunities that give you a better idea of what’s out there.

Some Possible Careers

There is no limit on what you can do after you graduate. You can venture into new and exciting job opportunities. You can decide to be an independent artist who produces artwork for sale. You can work at an art gallery or a design company. You can even work for a more cooperate company or one in a non-artistic field in their marketing and design departments.

If you are considering a degree program in fine art, contact the School of the Art Institute of Chicago—one of the best colleges in the art field. Learn about their different programs online at http://www.saic.edu/.

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