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With the development in technology people are turning to televisions, computers and other electronic resources for their leisure or even increase their knowledge. Many individuals have forgotten that reading was one of the most popular pass time activity. One could spend hours reading books without realising how time flew by. Today people feel that other options are much more appealing as compared to books.

Books were a great source to improve one’s language skills. It also helped individuals add to their word power and vocabulary. Reading all kinds of writing for at least forty five minutes is a very good habit as it will keep an individual aware and updated about the happening of the world around them. Language is something that is constantly updated as new words are added. Books can be the perfect source to get give you great language lessons.

It is a well known fact that children who read books regularly have a much higher IQ as compared to those who do not read. The chance of these children scoring higher in their exams and tests is more if compared to those children who do not read. It is a proven fact that reading books aloud helps strengthen the bonds between parents and their children.

If parents encourage their kids to start reading books at an early age then it their kids will be able grasp language skills like like phonetics very easily. Reading books can be a great tool for mental development. Books demand a higher level of concentration from the reading besides adding to their conversational skills.

Through books one can visit places and have a imagination power that is beyond the realm of this world. So open yourself to the world of books and give yourself the chance to improve.

Read Books

Read Books

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